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Noutăţi şi evenimente
Publicat la: 15.01.2019 12:06   
Accesări: 18
The Naval Agency of the Republic of Moldova as Maritime Administration decided to delegate and authorize the collection and issuance of the Statement of Compliance – Fuel Oil Consumption Reporting to all Recognized Organizations acting on behalf of this Administration. Citeşte mai mult...
Publicat la: 02.01.2019 11:54   
Accesări: 165
Herewith, Naval Agency informs all ship owners, barebout-charterers, ports state control, classification societies and all interested parties that as a result of the reform of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the Naval Agency of the Republic of Moldova was created as a Maritime Administration of Republic of Moldova. The Public Institution ,,Harbour Master Giurgiulesti,, will be a part of the Naval Agency. Citeşte mai mult...
Publicat la: 29.11.2018 13:06   
Accesări: 198
Scrisoare Circulară / Circular Letter Citeşte mai mult...
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